Angelo Cafaro, PhD

E-mail: angelo.cafaro[at]nesis[dot]fr
CV: Download my academic CV in PDF format.

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Mar, 1 2018: Moved at Nesis to work as PMO for Amadeus IT Group.
Feb, 1 2017: The ARIA-Valuspa project meets Kristina in Dagstuhl. See more details on Merijn Bruijnes blog.
Nov, 28 2016: The NoXi Database is online! Explore our large collection of screen-mediated face-to-face multimodal, multisensor recordings of Novice-eXpert Interaction.

About Me

Welcome to my homepage!

In these pages you can find some of my academic work that I have been doing in the interdisciplinary research fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Psychology. My focus is on observing and understanding human social behavior to support the design, implementation and evaluation of natural user interfaces in the form of anthropomorphic virtual characters that can interact in real-time with their users by using both verbal (e.g. spoken language) and nonverbal behavior (e.g. body language and facial expressions).

Applications of my research include online educational and training environments, healthcare (e.g. social support) and entertainment (e.g. videgames and interactive museum installations).

Find out more about my research, publications and past projects on this web site.